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House & Home

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House and Home
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Tips & Discussion of Household tips, tricks, and recipes
House & Home has been created to house tips and discussions concerning ideas and various ways to maintain a house, and to make it a home. Home should be a sanctuary from the world for you and your family, but it takes work, and sharing ideas can help create an even better environment.

1. Respect all posters and commenters even if you disagree.

2. Advertising of similar communities is welcomed. If it's not related in topic, please don't advertise other communities or sites here. You will receive one warning and then be removed should it happen a second time.

3. Membership is open, but to post requires membership, and commenting is screened for non-members.

4. Rules are subject to change at any time the maintainer(s) feel it is warranted. Joining this community means you have read and agree to abide by the rules. Should they change, a notice will be posted in the community. Remaining a member means you agree to abide by the changes.

5. LJ Cut your posts if they are more than a few paragraphs long or contain a long list.

6. Site your references with a website and link whenever possible.

7. USE TAGS with appropriate key words according to the topic of your post so that those looking for specific information can find it quickly.

8. No Drama - if you need to contact the maintainer about an issue, post, or thread, please send a message through LJ and it will be taken care of as soon as possible. Please do not continue arguments or issues in the community.